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Behavioral Health

Substance Use Evaluations & Department of Transportation (DOT) SAP Evaluations

Individuals or families can be referred by the EAP through their work or can call us directly. We are particularly experienced with employees who are either suspected of alcohol or drug use or employees who are in professional positions (physicians, attorneys, professors, managers, therapists) or have high risk jobs whereby alcohol or drug use can have a significant negative impact on the company or the lives of clients or the public.

We set you up with our DOT SAP evaluator who will go over all of the steps needed depending on your personal situation.

Evaluations can be scheduled within 24 hours if necessary.

Therapy Services

We offer mental health evaluation and treatment primarily for depression, anxiety, substance use, and relationship issues, as well as help at times when life becomes clouded by addiction, emotional challenges, and mental health issues. A team of therapists and experts provides a high level of service for people who need assistance.

Whether you need individual outpatient therapy for mental health or addiction counseling, we offer innovative services that are customized to individual needs for young adults, couples, adults, older adults, men, women, and LGBT+ individuals.

Our team is specially trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing, and Motivational Enhancement Therapy.

Our therapy services are $350 per hour and we do not accept insurance.